Shēngrì (Birthday)

As you may know, I recently celebrated my 23rd birthday. Celebrating here in Taiwan was very fun. I missed a lot of my friends and family but there was no shortage of birthday wishes on my end.

This year, my birthday fell on a Monday so I had to work, but it wasn’t so bad…especially considering that I had lots of tiny babies to play and sing with. Check out the video below. At the end, one of the kids says “Happy Birthday to Kevin!?” and it’s even more hilarious if you consider that there is no one named Kevin in that class.

During lunch I went to one of the cutest places in Chia-yi, Mei Cafe. In addition to an adorable heart shaped tomato in my salad, Mei herself brought me some free blueberry hello kitty waffles for my birthday! I LOVE this place!

Birthday Salad

Birthday Waffle



Finally, after dinner, I blew out the candle on my adorable strawberry birthday cake that was bought for me by a good friend. Yes, the candle is a question mark! How funny!

I shared the cake with lots of friends. What a wonderful birthday!

Birthday Dinner

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5 thoughts on “Shēngrì (Birthday)

  1. Shari Dunn

    Happy Birthday, Jessica! Hope it was an awesome day!!

  2. Neill Hines

    Looks like a good time, but as good as Olive Garden? 😉 Stay well

  3. Cris

    Jessica, Your smile says it all!
    Hello to your new friends.

  4. james smith

    hey girl happy b day good to see ya smile and rock on

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