Shōu gòu (Puppy)


I promised big news and I have it! Many of you knew this was inevitable, and you were correct! What’s that fluffy thing in the bag, you might be wondering… Why, that’s the surprise! Jeanne and I adopted a baby! …and by baby I do mean puppy dog, of course. Chinese for puppy is “Shōu gòu” and it literally means small dog. This Shōu gòu’s name is:


Charlie was born on July 1st, 2012, making him just 8 months old. He is a purebred red toy poodle.  We got him from a good quality breeder in Tainan that ships poodles around the whole world. We got to visit with over 50 dogs and pick out our baby, which was a reassuring and delightful experience. This is a picture of Charlie’s dad, who happens to be a champion show-dog. Wow!


While I’m not a fan of breeding dogs for profit, I needed an animal that wouldn’t bother my allergies and would not grow too big for our small apartment. Because we got him from a reputable breeder, we know he will be small, hypoallergenic, and have predictable behaviors. To ensure his best behavior and prevent unnecessary extra dogs, he was neutered yesterday. Here he is napping in his special bed, which goes on the bed with us at night. (He also has a bed for the floor, but he’s not spoiled or anything…why would you say that?)


He is just a joy to have and is one of the best dogs I have ever had. He’s not the brightest bulb but he has a calm and sweet personality. His favorite things are cuddling and watching TV with his mama and mommy.


Taiwan is a great place to have a small dog because people carry their dogs with them everywhere. Toy red poodles are considered high-class thanks to some recent fads in Japan so there are lots of high-end shops and cafes for poodles around. Even places that don’t typically allow dogs will often make an exception for small poodles, Charlie included. And I mean, really, how could anyone say no to this little face!?


Charlie will be coming with us back to the USA, he already has all of his vaccinations and paperwork to travel. That’s all for now. If I left out anything, please comment with your questions! Thanks again for reading!



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2 thoughts on “Shōu gòu (Puppy)

  1. Brenda

    How precious!! Charlie is adorable!! Katie has a toy poodle, too. Do you remember Darcy? We love that he doesn’t shed and won’t affect our allergies, too. Poodles are great dogs! Good choice, Jessica!!

  2. Jessica

    Thanks Brenda! I LOVE him. I thought Darcy was a standard poodle, is he that small too? 😀

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