Shān (Mountain)

Jeanne and I recently took a long day trip up to the top of Alishan with our friend Jerry and, of course, little Charlie. This is Jerry:



He’s American, but his dad is Taiwanese. He’s our closest friend here and he’s super awesome. He’s also helping us learn Chinese! YAY JERRY!

We took off for Alishan in the morning. The drive was long but the view was stunning. Here are some shots of us going up the mountain (a 3 hour drive!!)




We made a brief stop at a temple to grab take some photos. Here is me and Charlie:




…and fat baby Buddha, of course. (Note: this might not be Buddha, I really am not sure)




Here’s me and Jeanne eating some gross-looking chicken thing, which was actually pretty tasty. It’s stuffed with rice and southwestern seasoning!







The bulk of our drive came after the temple. The views from that high up were really neat.







They don’t call it the sea of clouds for nothing I suppose. Gorgeous. Anyway, we got to the top and started searching the elusive plum blossom trees, which were supposedly blooming this week. On the way, we stopped for some more photo opportunities.

Charlie decided to go for a rugged outdoor pose and failed adorably. 




No plum blossoms yet…






We found some flowers, at least…getting warmer….














AHA! There it is! The one…yes, they ONE and only plum blossom tree blooming on the whole peak of this mountain. We were sure to get a lot of pictures of it…I mean, we drove six hours in one day just to see it! lol










Don’t be fooled by the smiles, we were EXHAUSTED  and really to journey back down the mountain (work in the morning, after all).


It was just as beautiful on the way down, but somehow we were not as amazed. I also experience my very first wave of carsickness, which was just as wonderful as you might imagine. Was the mountain gorgeous? Of course. Were the blossoms overrated? Oh yeah. Would I go back? Meh, probably not…but I’m happy I went and saw the beautiful mountain for myself.

Thanks again for reading! More updates to come soon. Don’t forget to enter your e-mail below to get a reminder each time I post a new update, or just subscribe you RSS feed.

 Zai chen (Goodbye) for now!

BONUS! Here’s Charlie’s fancy new harness. 🙂



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One thought on “Shān (Mountain)

  1. Brenda

    Jessica, you and Jeanne look like you are having a wonderful time! Charlie is adorable. He is just precious!! How is your teaching going?

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